Executive Team

Kurt Neubauer

Kurt Neubauer

Director, CEO

45 years of successful leadership building companies, completing acquisitions, and taking companies public. 

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Kurt E. Neubauer founded the Company in 2013. He is a versatile, action-oriented, executive producer with over twenty-five years of increasingly responsible management positions. Mr. Neubauer has been involved in all phases of high corporate business including research and development, acquisitions, packaging, financing, budgeting forecasting and taking companies public.

Working primarily behind the scenes, he has developed and implemented financing facilities, designed and implemented domestic and international sales and marketing campaigns. Over a career that spans 35 years, Mr. Neubauer has identified and developed many unique ideas and products and converted them to successful businesses, on both a domestic and an international scale. These enterprises include successful efforts in the oil and gas industries.

Mr. Neubauer’s significant knowledge and expertise in all aspects of business development, marketing, and corporate structure, include decades of successful leadership in taking companies public. Since 1998, his responsibilities have included all areas of operations, working and reporting to the SEC, managing shareholder expectations, securing financing, populating, communicating and cooperating with boards and affiliated governances. This broad experience in the multi-disciplinary sectors of taking companies public will be key to the current market opportunities being sought for Momentous Entertainment. Mr. Neubauer overall brings discipline and structure to an industry which often times is somewhat anemic in these areas.

Tim Williams

Tim Williams

Director, Senior Executive Vice President

42 years launching innovative companies including 24 Hour Fitness, Cosmedix, Espion International. 

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and Managing Director, Oaklins International MASI Ltd.

Mr. Williams was an original founder of 24HR Fitness with Leonard Schlemm and Mark Mastrov. As the company’s first President, he pioneered and oversaw the original implementation of Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) to the fitness industry. This process brought predictability to the health club industry and set the stage for Private Equity investment and National growth.

He was part of a group that purchased the rights to manufacture, distribute, and franchise Nautilus equipment in Japan. After establishing a showroom in Tokyo, a tri-venture was formed with Sumitomo and Mitsubishi to distribute Nautilus equipment. The group later sold the franchise rights to Sumitomo separately.

In the early 1990’s, he founded Results Sports and Fitness, a chain of full service Fitness clubs, which he sold to USA Health Technologies, a NASDAQ Public company, and became its President. He expanded the company rapidly by structuring deals using stock for acquisitions.

In 1997 he became CEO of Cosmedix, a laser hair removal company with multiple locations in four States. The company expanded to offer Botox, Facial Peels, and various Cosmetic Procedures through its Physician partners.

In 2003 he became Chairman and CEO of National Developers, a Real Estate Development firm in Phoenix AZ. The Company was involved in Land Development and Entitlement. It had an in-house Architectural and Engineering firm as well as a Design Center. The company built housing communities and platted over 2000 residential lots. It owned, designed and permitted a 21-story condo loft project known as Cosmopolitan Towers.

Mr. Williams was Chairman of Espion International, an Artificial Intelligence venture based internet gateway security company, acquired by Tyco International Ltd. Espion’s Technology applies Probabilistic Reasoning, which allows it to learn and adapt to a company’s email flow without slowing or growing over time. The platform also assists organizations with Regulatory Compliance in areas such as HIPAA, GLBA, and Sarbanes Oxley. Clients include Major Universities, Hospitals, Governmental Agencies and Fortune 500 companies.

Mr. Williams is currently advising Oaklins’ MASI Ltd. Chicago office as a Managing Director. Oaklins International is a worldwide network of mergers and acquisitions specialists with combined deals totaling over $1 Billion dollars annually with offices in 40 countries and a vast network of partner specialists. Williams has access to far reaching M & A opportunities through this association.

Dave Micek

Dave Micek

Chief Operating Officer

35 years of management experience as President & CEO of Alta Vista, Eagle Broadband (AMEX), Zeus Wireless and others. 

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David Micek, a dynamic senior executive with innovative and proven skills in the mobile/TV apps, online social platforms, internet media streaming and web search engine markets. Mr. Micek brings more than 35 years of product management, software development, sales, marketing, operations and general management experience to Momentous Entertainment Group.

Mr. Micek is a recognized leader with a proven track record of developing, launching and growing new products into becoming recognized sales leaders. He has an established reputation for achieving dominant market share positions for some of the most well-known technology brands.  Mr. Micek has demonstrated repeated success growing and leading both individual product lines, business units, and entire companies with revenues ranging from the start-up level on up to over $250MM.

Mr. Micek past accomplishments include President & CEO of Eagle Broadband, a publicly traded AMEX technology leading Company in the IPTV and Broadband Internet marketplaces, President at Internet search company AltaVista where he led a restructuring and sale of the company’s enterprise software business and President and CEO of wireless networking company Zeus Wireless.

Mr. Micek was also President and CEO of broadband video applications company iKnowledge and was Vice President and General Manager at Texas Instruments in Dallas.

Mr. Micek holds an MBA from the University of Southern California.


Nathan Levine

Nathan Levine

Chief Technology Officer

Over 20 years of Technology experience reaching into Gaming, Social Media, Automotive, Telecom, Healthcare and other sectors. 

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Founded Square Vault, and Chimera Games; leading development teams building award-winning online games played by millions of users.

Connected global Telecom carriers such as AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Telefonica, and Telenor to third-party companies through intuitive programming and development, saving them over $500 million annually.

Built Automotive IT infrastructure used by many major automotive manufacturers such as BMW, Nissan, Chrysler, Jeep, and Dodge. Mobile apps, websites, third-party API integration, and other aftermarket tools have reinforced the automotive industry through 2 decades and billions of dollars.

Suzanne McCain

Suzanne McCain

Chief Marketing Officer

34 years of technology, sales & marketing expertise as COO ATM Worldwide, COO Digital Concierge and CEO, The McCain Agency. 

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Ms. McCain has more than 34 years of technology, sales & marketing expertise as COO ATM Worldwide, COO Digital Concierge and CEO, The McCain Agency.

Ms. McCain was Founder & President of Westar Homes in Bellevue, Washington; a custom home building company and the largest framing subcontracting company in the state.

Relocating to Houston, Texas, in 1990, she worked for several local and National Home Builders, including Pulte Homes, Royce Homes and Brighton Homes, a K. Hovnanian Company in sales trainer and sales management roles, producing up to 400M in annual revenue. She produced results including increased sales volume from 500 to 904 homes in a single year for Royce Homes and took Brighton Homes sales from 550 to over 1100 homes annually: positioning the company for the sale to K. Hovnanian. Ms. McCain additionally consulted to The Woodlands Corporation on marketing; contributing to the positioning and subsequent sale for an undisclosed amount.

She was Co-Founder and Executive Vice President of Operations for ATM Worldwide, Inc. which became the largest distributor of Diebold ATMs privately deployed in the United States. In that role, Suzanne established operations, including secure electronic transaction processing and oversight, internal systems; facilitating 20M in Revenue through independent sales organizations.

In 2006, she relocated to Phoenix, Arizona; joining Vantage Homes as Director of Sales and then Engle Homes.

She joined Digital Concierge as Chief Operating Officer, consulting and managing digital marketing campaigns for clients; including websites, social media management, email campaign management and long-term strategy.

She established The McCain Agency, as CEO; producing several successful international marketing campaigns for clients; with a special emphasis on cutting edge medical technologies. The McCain Agency provides business consulting and services related to sales, marketing and strategy with an emphasis on search engine optimization and content creation; generating high converting traffic to sales. The agency has a successful track record producing and managing Kickstarter campaigns.


Peter Bianchi

Peter Bianchi

Executive Vice President of Consumer Products

20 years of senior management and finance including COO, Unique Growing Solutions, and CEO, Innovative Beverage Group Holdings. 

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Self-motivated and resourceful Business Development Executive with over 20 years of senior management and finance leadership expertise. Successfully spearheaded more than $100MM in sales over 12 years as the Founder and CEO of a publicly traded beverage manufacturing company. Proudly recognized by notable media giants, including ABC Nightline, PBS and Good Morning America, for exhibiting a history of success in developing industry-changing categories from brand conception to explosive sales.  Accomplished expert offering innovative leadership and dynamic perspectives with a proven ability to enact change, deliver strong leadership, assess/manage risk, design procedures, establish/analyze financial structure and evaluate investments. Highly acclaimed for creativity in product development, branding, advertising and trademarks.  Exceptional mediator with the capability to excel individually and within a team-oriented environment with proven success of identifying talent and guiding others in exceeding organizational goals. Expertly led projects with Core Competencies: * Mergers & Acquisitions *Public Speaking/Presentations * Compliance of National & International Regulations * Distribution Agreements * Legal Due Diligence * Trade Agreements * Strategic Planning * Financial Acumen from inception to completion, while providing strategic direction in hundreds of complex negotiations, including corporate acquisitions/mergers, trade agreements and global distribution agreement structure.

Aaron Carson

Aaron Carson

Executive Vice President

28 years in business development including President of Carson Commercial, COO, National Developers, and CEO Global Green Energy.

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As President of Carson Commercial, LLC, Mr. Carson has brokered successful commercial real estate transactions in the greater Phoenix metroplex completing over $42M in transactions. His firm has additionally managed commercial properties, including financial oversight and consulting.                          

Mr. Carson is also the President and CEO of Global Green Energy, a development-stage renewable energy company based in Phoenix, Arizona. The Company has developed proprietary, patented technology that includes a sustainable self-cleaning system for the solar panels which are integrated into a solar molten salt energy production and storage facility. The Company plans to build and operate Concentrated Solar Thermal Power Plants in Arizona. Through its non-profit arm; the company hopes to provide drinking wells powered by photovoltaic pumps and energy to help those in need.

As FOUNDER and COO of National Developers Inc. Mr. Carson oversaw site selection and purchase negotiations, due diligence requirements and governmental land-use approvals for multimillion dollar high-end residential, industrial, retail and office projects in the greater Phoenix metroplex. The Company completed over $197M in transactions.

Andrew Birnbaum

Andrew Birnbaum

Chief Digital Currency Officer

Over 25 years of executive management including CEO, Systech Systems International and digital currency exchange, Titan.

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Mr. Birnbaum has served as CEO of two public companies and held CEO and C-Level positions for several private companies. He has managed a number of hyper-growth organizations leading to several successful sales and exits.

Beginning in 1993, his first company, World Wide Golf Events, worked with hundreds of companies in a variety of capacities including consulting, new product launches, national marketing campaigns, internet promotion, and cause related marketing. Some of the most notable clients included Toyota, Apple Computers, Western Digital and The Los Angeles Times.

In 2007, Mr. Birnbaum became interim Chief Operating Officer for the golf equipment company Sonartec. Under his management, the company returned to monthly profitability and efficiency. His oversight included all major US based golf retailers. He then secured long term agreements with 22 international distributors. He received accolades in national publications including covers of industry magazines.

Following the success of this project, Andrew and a partner bought and operated an online golf equipment rating company, Rankmark.com. Andrew implemented new technologies and processes that increased visibility to over 2M hits monthly resulting in increased advertising revenue.

After the sale, Mr. Birnbaum began consulting; taking on interim executive positions, to direct various private and public companies with their operations, including serving as CEO of Systech Systems International (SYST).

Mr. Birnbaum spent almost 5 years vetting and assisting in funding of millions of dollars for Private Capital Network.

He then helped start an e-liquid business for the electronic cigarette industry, Space Jam, which grossed over XM monthly. He was subsequently recruited to serve as the CEO of Vapor Hub, a publicly traded company.

Mr. Birnbaum then directed his attention to the newly expansive business of cryptocurrency; focusing on bitcoin. He has immersed himself in the industry; accepting a position as CEO for a newly formed digital currency exchange, Titan.

Mr. Birnbaum has accomplished many accolades in the non-profit sector, including The American Cancer Society, Mothers Against Drunk Drivers, American Diabetes Association, American Heart Association, March of Dimes, United Way, City of Hope and more.

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