Our Mission

Momentous Entertainment Group, Inc. (MMEG) is a publicly traded company focused on providing unique and entertaining experiences for its customers on a global scale.

The Company’s strategic expansion plans are focused on growth of its existing gaming properties and through the acquisition of profitable and sustainable businesses that are highly complementary to MMEG’s operations.


Our strategy is based on expansion through strategic acquisition.

Mobile Gaming - Potential Profits



The potential in Mobile Game Development is outstanding.

We have 10 to 12 new mobile games in development yearly by some of the world’s top talent with themes based on market research and analysis.  

We will leverage our existing database of 550K game fans to promote our new games and expand revenue via in-game advertising of our consumer product lines. 


Mobile Games Revenue By the Numbers:

Viral popularity typically generates $2M/day in revenue.  

Games like “Candy Crush Saga” are in this category.


Moderate popularity typically generates $50K to $300K/day in revenue.  

Games like “Cookie Jam” are in this category.


Low popularity typically generates $15K to 20K/day in revenue.  

Games like “Bubble Cloud” are in this category.