Portfolio of Companies

Online Technologies, Inc.

Chimera® Games


“Seven Popular Games”

“Preparing to be Mobile Powered”

A Portfolio of Games with Wide Range Appeal

Chimera Games has averaged as high as $20.95 per ADPU (Average Dollar Per User)

Where the Industry Average is just $0.75

Pretty Woman Cosmetics


“Anti-Aging Cosmetic”

“Powered by Pretty Woman Cosmetic Research”

Our Products Challenge the “Luxury Brands”

Online store has grown to over 38,000 customers

Financial Equity Partners, Inc.


“DC Offerings”

“The Future of Digital Asset Investing”

A Virtual Trade show for Cryptocurrency Investors,

Corporate Issuers and Entrepreneurs to Meet

Momentous Music

Albums Produced

The Greatest Story Ever Sung®


“34 Tracks Narrated by Stephen Baldwin”

“Submitted to the Grammy’s in 2014”

Tim Storey Presents Daily Reminders


“2 CD’s of Inspirational Scripture”

“Narrated by Tim Storey”

Recorded by Grammy Award Winning

Engineer, Tom Weir at Studio City Sound in LA”