Momentous Music


The Greatest Story Ever Sung


Momentous Music has created Adult Contemporary music using top recording artists and true instrumentation to produce the finest quality recordings.

Momentous Music has released 2 CDs, featuring Suzanne Olmon and Roger Clark.

Our Vision

An unwavering vision combined with a commitment to excellence and an arsenal of exceptional talent makes Momentous Music a future leader in the Adult Contemporary music industry.

“Our vision is straight forward” says Momentous Music president/CEO Kurt Neubauer. “We strive to create a challenging and rewarding environment for each other and those we serve—our people as well as our artists, songwriters and business partners. We want to impact popular culture through music and music-related content, and finally, lead with excellence and be profitable.”

Our Mission Statement

“To Lead, Inspire, and Develop Creative Adult Contemporary Music and audio recording”.

We are striving to create a challenging and rewarding environment for each other and those we serve—our people as well as our artists, songwriters and business partners. We want to impact popular culture and resource the church through music and music-related content and services consistent with a Adult Contemporary worldview, and finally, lead with excellence and be profitable.

Through strong allegiances with national producers, musicians, engineers, publicists, photographers, web developers, graphic artists, distributors, vocal/performance coaches, and booking agents, Momentous Music strives to help them reach the highest level of performance that they can.

Our Goals

Is to record/produce and distribute various adult contemporary musical talents through worldwide distribution channels. This will raise Momentous Music’s business profile as a global player, delivering consistent quality musical content.

An unwavering vision combined with a commitment to excellence and an arsenal of exceptional new talent will make Momentous Music the future leader in the adult contemporary music industry. Recording new artists such as Suzanne Olmon, Momentous Music is rapidly becoming a multi-faceted company.

Our Commitment

We are committed to the development of artists who have world-class talent and a passion to use that talent through music. Momentous Music strives to reach the Urban mainstream audience with traditional and contemporary music. Momentous Music is destined to be the home of some of the most influential artists in the adult contemporary music world.

Trusted Partners

Here are some friends we recommend…

    • Sugar Hill Recording Studio

SugarHill Recording Studios, a piece of Houston Texas history, is a recording studio. The studio was important in launching the careers of such artists as Lightnin’ Hopkins, The Big Bopper, George Jones, the Sir Douglas Quintet, Roy Head, and Freddy Fender. It is renowned for its collection of vintage recording equipment, reverb chamber rooms, EMT plates and a long history of music. A landmark in the Houston music community, SugarHill celebrated its 73rd year of operation in October 2015.

    • Wire Road Recording Studio

Wire Road Studios, located in Houston Texas is a full-service music and audio recording facility. Wire Road Studios was designed to ensure that the layout and acoustics would set a new standard for the Houston recording industry and meet or exceed those of the top studios in the country. The studio is outfited with the most respected recording equipment in the industry.

    • Studio City Sound

Studio City Sound is a recording studio located in Studio City, California. Grammy Award winning mixer, Tom Weir, purchased Fidelity Studios from Artie Ripp in 2002 and has updated and operated the facility as Studio City Sound since that time. Weir’s additional credits include, engineer, producer, mastering/remastering, composer, keyboards and programming, drums and vocals. Studio City Sound has three recording studios, configured with a blend of digital and analog recording equipment. Clients can monitor recording and mixing sessions via the Internet courtesy of Studio City Sound’s, Telos Zephyr, ISDN capabilities.

Producers/Engineers - Our Team Players

Here are just a few of the producers and engineers we have at our disposal…

    • Andrew Bradley – Grammy Nominated Production Engineer

Andrew brought his considerable 28 years of experience and expertise to the project with an infectious enthusiasm. Working as Chief Engineer at the 71 year old world renowned SugarHill Studio he has produced several GRAMMY nominated products. He is often sought out by Capitol/EMI, Vanguard, BMG, WEA and many other record labels. Over 1000 Commercial Music Releases for every major label in almost every music genre imaginable.

Versatile would be an understated adjective to describe Andy’s varied recording career. He is comfortable in any music genre from orchestral instruments to a bluegrass hoe-down, from shredding electrics to acoustic guitars – He simply has done it all!

    • Tom Wier – Grammy Winner Production Engineer

Tom Weir is a Grammy award winning, #1 Billboard charting Mixer/Engineer/Producer and the owner of Studio City Sound.

Weir, a Grammy award winner in 2004, has made his mark in the industry as an engineer, mixer and producer. He is known for his ability to push the envelope, blending cutting-edge digital technology with custom-made Inward Connections Buss Mixers, Neve, API, UREI, Tube-Tech, Chandler Limited, Empirical Labs, Drawmer, Crane Song, Summit Audio, ADR, DBX, Lexicon, AMS, Apogee, Alan Smart, Avalon, and Manley outboard gear.

Weir has mixed for numerous successful and recognized artists, including Rod Stewart, Eric Clapton, Willie Nelson, Bonnie Rait, Blondie, Graham Nash, Keith Richards, The Go-Go’s,

    • Dr. Howard Harris – Music Composer & Arranger

Howard serves as Professor of Music and Founder and Director of Jazz Studies at Texas Southern University. He is an arts pioneer, composer, performing artist and world-renowned music director. Additionally, Howard Harris is the sole African-American Houstonian whose works have been performed by the Houston Symphony Orchestra.

Why we're Different

Momentous Music is more than just the music. Sure we can even provide great songs and arrangements, but our history in professional recording projects has taught us how to best complete and promote a music product.

We know how to design an attractive commercial design for our product. We work with incredible photographers, graphic artists, and web designers that give you results that get noticed by industry people, and your audience.

We’ve been through the process of final mastering and duplication many, many times. We know our engineers, duplication reps, and production people as personal friends. Simply put, we’re not sure there is another company doing what we do from start to finish (if there is a finish), besides possibly a fully run record company.

With all respect for those involved, we believe that’s CRAZY.

When properly used, brand-based product demonstrations, sincere and credible testimonials, the right celebrity endorsers and compelling calls-to-action have been core elements of creating effective advertising since there has been advertising to create. As just one example, the Procter & Gamble Company wouldn’t exist without them. Yet, we’re seeing less of these business-builders rather than more even as the economy remains stagnant.

Momentous Entertainment Group is a strong believer in using these powerful tools to generate response for both start-ups and many of America’s leading brands. We will help you grow sales, create brand value, drive down acquisition costs, introduce new products and line extensions and expand retail distribution.

Our Current Work - Crossings

Momentous Music is launching work on its third album. The work will be titled “Crossings – From Here to Eternity”.

Crossings will contain between twelve and fourteen songs, some original and some covers, most all newly arranged by Paul English.

Suzanne Olmon will be featured on the album and along with several duets between her and Grammy Award winner, Cynthia Clawson.

We have an expectation that Crossings will be released early next year.

As the climate in the music industry evolves, major record companies no longer invest big budgets to develop their acts and most deals benefit the record company more than the artist.

Artists need to maintain a higher percentage of their profits from album sales, and the need for an artist to sign with a major label had changed. That transformation inspired the launch of Momentous Music.