Financial Equity Partners, Inc

Financial Equity Partners, Inc

Developer of the DC Offerings™ Cryptocurrency Investment Platform

We’ve Streamlined and Simplified the Process to Make Cryptocurrency Investing Possible

“For Accredited Investors and/or Public or Private Companies seeking Capital Investment”



They’ve made exceptional gains, but they typically can’t sell their digital assets in large volume on exchanges, without adversely affecting the market.

Selling these assets for reinvestment is a major inconvenience due to the prevalent lack of customer service in the industry to assist them in diversifying their portfolios.


The other compelling and common scenario is the need for a process and service that would allow companies to solicit funds and accept cryptocurrency as a form of investment.

There are major corporations, both private and public, that accept Bitcoin and other digital assets as a form of payment for goods and services but not as an investment.

There is concern about the ability to liquidate these assets and their volatility.

There is a wide variety of reasons for this, but what follows are the most common. When a company is accepting an investment of cryptocurrency, the first issue is liquidity.

For example, a company agrees to accept bitcoin as a form of investment, they receive the digital money in their wallet, but they need to sell the digital currency to use it for its intended purpose.


Based on our observations, up to this point, no company has taken on the challenge of these cryptocurrency investments issues and challenges with any credible solutions. UNTIL NOW!!

Financial Equity Partners, Inc. (FEP) has not only studied these issues but has developed a process and online platform to virtually eliminate the concerns and issues for the crypto investor when it comes to diversifying their portfolio into other more stable investments offering the investor the opportunity to grow their investments over time.

After extensive research and evaluation of the market, challenges and needed processes, FEP has a viable solution to this dilemma.

FEP has created a service based investment platform, envisioned: “DC Offerings™ – The Future of Digital Asset Investing” (“DCO”).

The process and platform we’ve created checks all the boxes. Not only do we have a safe and efficient way to take crypto as an investment, we can also save companies and investors considerable time, money and frustration in the process.

First, the paperwork is completed whereby both parties agree to value proposition of the investment. Then the potential investor goes through the same process they would to open a brokerage account; KYC/AML (Know Your Customer/Anti-Money Laundering), and, where applicable, an accredited investor verification.

They sign an offering memorandum, or engagement contract, as well as an escrow agreement. The crypto is then sent to escrow; the escrow service verifies the documents, takes a fee and transfers the balance of the funds to the company.

The investor receives confirmation of escrow completion and is issued their documents relating to the investment; and the company is issued a distribution document. Once these confirmations are completed, the cryptocurrency is transferred into an established account for investor.

Sounds simple, and it is to an investor because they get 100% value for the digital asset they are using. From the company’s perspective, they are willing to incur the cost of the escrow service to facilitate the process, because the escrow company is assuming the responsibility for the proper transfer and liquidity of the transaction, not the investor. DC Offerings deals with all the legal, custodial, regulatory and technology issues, including probably the biggest, volatility, liquidity and all disclosure issues.



A hassle free, completed transaction in which escrow receives the digital currency (BTC or ETH) via an immediate, secure peer to peer order placed by the investor which the escrow agent sends to the conversion entity for disbursement to issuer.

What we at FEP through our DC Offerings service are doing is taking the investor through an investment process where the majority of the work and efforts are done by the DCO team or its outside relationships.

As with any investment, the team is an important consideration. FEP has assembled an experienced and outstanding group of professionals who are experts in the various disciplines including the cryptocurrency industry to facilitate the process for our customers.


According to quora, there are in excess of 50 million users involved in cryptocurrencies.

The majority of these users have very few options in which their investment profits can be used do to the lack of knowledge in the digital currency financial space.

Then add to that, the number of companies both private and public, startup or established, looking for startup or growth capital and you end up with a significantly large opportunity.

DC Offerings is a Cryptocurrency “Trade Show” platform developed by Financial Equity Partners