Chimera® Games 


Digital game revenues will account for $94.4 billion or 87% of the global market. Mobile is the most lucrative segment, with smartphone and tablet gaming growing 19% year over year to $46.1 billion, claiming 42% of the market. In 2020, mobile gaming will represent more than half of the total games market according to the Newzoo Global Games Market Report

Total revenues in North America to reach $27.0 billion. Most of this growth will come from smartphone gaming.

On March 10, 2017, Momentous acquired Chimera® Company Games. Chimera® is well-established with a portfolio of seven popular games and a community of over one million loyal Facebook users. The assets included over 550,000 email addresses and over 1 million active users.

Chimera® produces an excellent ADPU (Average Dollar Per User) that exceeds the gaming industry average.



  • Over 1.2M downloads worldwide
  • 7 game titles
  • The Mob launched 2017
  • Ported international language engine
  • Released in Russia in June 2017
  • 2017 revenue $475K
  • $3.5M projected revenue 2018
  • Monster Island launching – Q1, 2018


Games in the Chimera portfolio include:


  1. The Mob: Rise of the Don 
  2. Monster Island (beta)
  3. Renegade 
  4. Zombie Rezurrection 
  5. Syndicate 
  6. Mercenary Star 
  7. Heroes: Knights of the Realm 

The assets are monetized by offering free to play games on social media and web portals with premium currency sold in the game. The current primary driver of user traffic comes from Facebook, but additional customers play the games directly on the Chimera games website portal at

Chimera is moving towards completion of its latest game, Monster Island in Q1 2018. Chimera has plans to produce 8 to 12 smart phone and tablet based games in the coming year, which will capture additional market share to increase revenue for the company.

Chimera Games plans to make a significant investment in development and marketing of 20 to 24 games created for smartphones and tablets over the course of two years.