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Digital game revenues will account for $94.4 billion or 87% of the global market. Mobile is the most lucrative segment, with smartphone and tablet gaming growing 19% year over year to $46.1 billion, claiming 42% of the market. Ignis is currently developing games for mobile and tablet. In 2020, mobile gaming will represent more than half of the total games market according to the Newzoo Global Games Market Report

Total revenues in North America to reach $27.0 billion. Most of this growth will come from smartphone gaming.

On March 10, 2017, Momentous acquired Chimera® Company Games. Chimera® is well-established with a portfolio of seven popular games and a community of over one million loyal Facebook users. The assets included over 550,000 email addresses and over 1 million active users.

Chimera® produces an excellent ADPU (Average Dollar Per User) that exceeds the gaming industry average.

Our current portfolio of games includes some of the strongest earners per player games played on FaceBook.

  • Over 1.2M downloads worldwide

  • 7 game titles

  • The Mob launched 2017

  • Ported international language engine

  • Released in Russia in June 2017

  • 2017 revenue $475K

  • $1.5M projected revenue 2018

  • Monster Island launching – Q4, 2018

Chimera® Games is going mobile in 2018




Our Games are headed to mobile use setting up a massive revenue potential for Chimera® Games.




Our Mob Game is headed to mobile use setting up a strong additional revenue potential for Chimera® Games.




Our Monster Island game is also headed to mobile use setting up a strong additional revenue potential for Chimera® Games.

OUR TEAM has worked with some of the most notable companies in the world:

  • World of Warcraft –  Over $10B in revenue

  • League of Legends –  $2B in revenues annually

  • Overwatch – earning $1B in revenue

  • Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft – $500M in revenue

  • Diablo 3 – earning over $500M

  • StarCraft 2 – earning over $500M

Figures published by GameRevolution, VB (Venture Beat) and Gamerant.

Anticipated results are based on past performance of games worked on by the team. The development team continues to maintain and provide expansion of successful games using players/fans as a market research resource, to improve player retention, acquire new players and sustain and magnify the revenue generation.

Chimera® Games plans to make a significant investment in development and marketing of 10 games over the course of two years.